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As a curly hair specialist, I help people understand the unique natural texture of their hair!

Some of my clients have had chemical straightening treatments or have flat ironed most their lives and are ready to finally embrace their natural beauty. Some have always worn their curls, but never understood them. I even have clients who have just discovered that their hair is curly. I even have a few who were straight haired and now have curls due to hormonal changes, medications, or even chemo treatments!

At the first appointment we will discuss your hair concerns and goals. Then I will provide an expert hair analysis and we talk about ingredients and products that will help you have healthy, juicy, curls. (I will recommend products that fit your hair type AND your budget, not just try to “sell you”). You can even bring your current products and we’ll determine if they contain curly hair friendly ingredients.

Next I cut dry, curl by curl. Then I will shampoo/condition and show YOU how to style your type of hair, (I go through everything step by step, and offer different options based on your needs and preferred amount of maintenance). Once dry, I will double check the cut and adjust it as necessary and answer any follow up questions you may have.

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